• Continuous rehabilitation

    Playful and individualized treatment

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    Playful and personalized treatment

  • Visible results

    Intensive and safe therapy

  • Cercone Montano Family

    "TheraSuit is the most complete and logical program we have seen so far its demanding but effective. Daily practices, discipline, fatigue all to achieve our goal. So think it this way. If you have healthy son or daughter that play soccer o ballet, and then the teacher says “this kid has talent” but you have to stick to the program. You must certainly have to make sacrifices in the family time, arrange an schedule for homework and practices. It is the same thing, but the big difference is that therapies at home can make the life of your kid a whole new thing."

  • Izabela Koscielny

    Maria Madureira is an excellent skelled and knowledgeable pediatric therapist with great comunications skills. She is able properly evaluate patients, prepare treatment plan and apply Therasuit Method and intensive exercise program...
    Izabela Koscielny

  • Christian/Nicole Rooms

    My wife Nicole and I have researched and trialed many many therapies in an effort to help Nolan and have found that not only Therasuit but Maria’s calm and constant and repetitive process has shown the greatest gains.
    Christian/Nicole Rooms

  • Marina Costa

    For me the biggest difference between Pedia and Therasuit is the science base behind and the physiology behind the Method. These explanation and what it’s based on, only happens during the Therasuit training.
    Marina Costa

  • Raissa Medeiros

    The Therasuit Intensive Therapy Protocol Training is way more concise, complete and more efficient. Isabela explains the Method based on years of study and observation.
    Raissa Medeiros



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